Earthquake and Volcano Alignments with Kennewick Crop:

119 West Longitude and Pyramids at Teotihuacan

Pointing to key events at magnetic north is extraordinary yield but showing sites of earthquake affected by magnetics that science would test 20 years later is spectacular. A crop circle formed at Kennewick, Washington pointed to true north, magnetic north and Siberia, literally mapping the future of magnetic north. Longitude 119 West where the Kennewick crop circle formed pointed to a series of quakes and volcanoes. Months after the crop circle formed the pace of magnetic north's movement began to noticeable increase in 1994. Magnetic north's rapid pace was moving it to a new home in the New Siberian Islands.

Massive earthquakes and volcanoes aligned with the crop circle are explained with science that emerged 20 years after the crop circle formed. The path of quakes and volcanoes pointed out with the crop circle was evident already when it formed on May 28, 1993. A 5.6 magnitude earthquake at Scott Mills, Oregon on March 25, 1993 had alerted seismologists that the area was subject to damaging quakes, even though it did not coincide with any known fault lines. (USGS publication, May 1993) An extensive Scott Mills Series of thousands of quakes south of Kennewick continued for months and was in progress when the Kennewick crop circle formed. The Northridge, California earthquake on January 17, 1994 was less than one degree from Kennewick's 119 West longitude. It is not clear why earthquakes patterns align on north-south longitudes, but the fact is that they do. This is easily seen on seismograms.

See Yellowstone and Long Valley Caldera quake reactivity and large quakes worldwide for January 1 to January 7, 2013

More than 100,000 fish died from lack of oxygen in a quarry converted into a marina at Sparks, Nevada in January 2014. Sparks is on 119°45' West longitude, in the Steamboat Springs volcanic field.

Both the Mammoth Mountain and Mono Lake Volcanoes are on 119 West longitude due south of Kennewick in the Long Valley Caldera region in California. Lake Tahoe is also aligned with 119 West longitude. The hot spot associated with the Mammoth Mountain and Mono Lake Volcanoes may have resulted in a deep shear zone when areas of America's West Coast formed after a catastrophic asteroid impact 65 million years ago. Much of western Washington where the Kennewick crop circle formed is approximately 60 million years old and formed after a catastrophic asteroid impact at Chicxulub in the Yucatan. Multi-directional shockwaves from the asteroid are estimated to have generated tsunamis over half of the Earth and caused the planet to shift on its axis. The asteroid triggered massive volcanic eruptions and, ultimately, resulted in extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Although the asteroid generated multidirectional shockwaves, North America took the brunt of shock from the asteroid. Mexico with its coast on the Gulf of Mexico where the asteroid impacted and the point opposite the impact -- its antipode -- on the Indo-Australian tectonic plate, which fractured in 2012, are both sites of historically large earthquakes and volcanoes.

The relationship between Kennewick, Washington and the pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mexico is especially important in continental formation after the Chicxulub asteroid and magnetic north. The crop circle at Kennewick, Washington and another crop circle at Herkimer, New York reported in July 1993 formed an equilateral triangle with the pyramids at Teotihuacan.

The pyramid complex at Teotihuacan comprises the oldest pyramids in North America and was the site of the first crop circle in 2012. They were constructed on a central avenue that was oriented 15°25" east of the geographical north pole. Magnetic north was very close to that angle relative to Teotihuacan in 200 BCE, when the central avenue was aligned and construction of the first pyramids began. In the south, the central avenue's orientation points to the site of the sunken motherland, Mu, in the Pacific Ocean.

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake at Queen Charlotte Island off Canada's West Coast was on the same reference angle relative to Teotihuacan as the Kennewick crop circle. (See map below.) A significant earthquake spree at Mammoth Mountain Volcano again was in progress at the time of the 7.7M quake at Queen Charlotte. Moreover, an anomalous counter-rotating double spiral north of Teotihuacan had been visible on radar for hours when the quake shook the Canadian coast.

A 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Alaska on January 5, 2013 chased the heels TimeStar's prediction for 2013 and 119 West longitude of the Kennewick crop circle. It was within a two degree radius of the massive quake at Queen Charlotte Island on October 28, 2012. Again, a significant earthquake spree was in process at the Mammoth Mountain Volcano at the time of the 7.5M quake in January 2013.

Numerous alignments of earthquakes and volcanoes with the longitude of the Kennewick crop circle suggest extraordinary circumstances in structure on America's West Coast at 119 West longitude. Although modern science does not yet explain the relationship of magnetic north with the continental formation, a relationship between these is suggested by the Kennewick crop circle.

Fracturing on the Indo-Australian tectonic plate is a strange attractor that drives crisis in the baseline of planetary cycles TimeStar predicts. Worldwide earthquakes increased five-fold in the first week after the fracture on April 11, 2012. All major faults on the planet were affected. Areas in Indonesia and the Philippines started subsiding at an accelerated pace. TimeStar predicts new islands will rise, particularly in the South Indian Ocean and Central and West Pacific Oceans, as existing lands subside. Japan's coastline moved 8 feet on March 11, 2011, and the north end of the island is sinking. This radically affects the American west coast. A volcanic eruption on the Juan de Fuca plate on Oregon's coast began less than one month after the megaquake in Japan. Earthquake and volcanic activity have continually shaken 119 West longitude, from Washington State to California, since 1993. Activity along 119 West longitude expanded on 118 West longitude after a crop circle was made at Wilbur, Washington in 2012.

Think of the map with glyphs as the sheet music for the Music of the Spheres.  The year glyph is the major key for a concerto in the planetary sphere.  Eclipses are movements with the concerto and 13-day windows are notes of chords of 52-day cycles.  Both 260-day cycles are shown on the updated map. The strange attractor of the tectonic breakup in the Indian Ocean is orchestrating major movement in the foreseeable future. 

The elements driving volcanoes and earthquakes are getting so complex a map was needed to show the many glyphs and strange attractors.  The glyphs spiraled to Africa, which parallels the Indo-Australian fracture-breakup region, on December 15, 2012.

Volcanoes near New Zealand have been hot since July when the Havre vent erupted.  2012-2013 is a Storm (glyph) year. Areas around New Zealand will be hot through July 2013.  Heating in this area is stressed with Indo-Australian plate breakup.  The Indo-Australian tectonic breakup is putting lots of stress on the entire western rim of the Ring of Fire.  Areas that are subsiding are noted with red check marks.