Areas with crop circles in Italy and Iran in 2012 experienced a long spree of quakes after crop circles were made in these countries. Mediterranean areas located on the northern end of the African tectonic plate appear especially vulnerable. The lava dome of the Santorini volcano near Greece has been steadily expanding for several years. The northern end of the African plate meets with the Indo-Australian plate at the quake-prone areas on the Indo-Australian plate, which include Afghanistan as well as Iran.

The quake spree started with a 6.0 magnitude quake near the Bracciano, Italy crop circle the same morning it was made; then the spree extended to the Middle East after the first-ever crop circle was made in Iran on June 12 and continued for several months. A series of trenches, which extend 3,700 miles start in Syria near Abd El Aziz, marked "4" on the Quakes Spree and Crop Circles map below. The trenches extend for 3,700 miles and terminate in South Africa below the parallel where the Indo-Australian plate fractured on April 11, 2012.

New Ocean floor began forming in 2007 and the African plate is rifting south of the 3-4-5 triangle. The Nabro volcano along the Great Rift, south of the 3-4-5 triangle, roared back to life with new eruptions on June 15, 2011. TimeStar had predicted volcanic eruptions in Africa to start on June 15, 2011. A new island rose in the Zubair Islands, marked "5," in the Red Sea near Nabro in November 2011. Not only does the African plate place stress on the Indo-Australian plate in the north, but a buried tectonic plate south of India is simultaneously torquing the Indo-Australian plate as it is pulled from Australia.

Large earthquakes increased five-fold after a history-making fracture on the Indo-Australian tectonic plate began with an 8.6 magnitude earthquake on April 11, 2012. The quake ruptured four fault lines west of Sumatra, and has greatly affected tectonic processes. The fracture was announced in the journal Nature on September 26, 2012, five months after the fracture and four months after the crop circle in Settimo, Italy used to draw the 3-4-5 triangle with the crop circle in Iran.

The fracture on the Indo-Australian plate is only 2 degrees east of the 90.07 East longitude antipode of the world-changing asteroid in southern Mexico that extinguished the dinosaurs 65.5 million years ago. The fracture is on the same latitude with the TimeStar glyph that was active in the grid at the time when the earthquake fractured the Indo-Australian plate. All in all, the fracture occurred in a high-stress zone at a time when the area was energetically pulsed in Africa.

To complicate this already-complex tectonic imbroglio areas near the Gulf of Mexico where the asteroid impact left a 112-mile wide crater. Multidirectional shockwaves of the enormous asteroid impact in the Gulf of Mexico at Chicxulub caused the Earth to shift on its axis with tsunamis estimated to cover half of the earth. Onset of after-effects of the asteroid's impact extinguished the dinosaurs.

The Heelfoot epicenter of the largest earthquake ever recorded in the United States is on the same 89 West longitude of the asteroid impact, on the New Madrid fault line. An especially sensitive area in Louisiana where many petroleum products are stored in salt domes at Bayou Corne began collapsing from seismic activity in August 2012. A crop circle made at Chillicote, Ohio in mid-September is on a great circle with the collapsing Bayou Corne and the impact crater in the Gulf of Mexico.

Crop circles made in Italy in May 2012 pointed to the Earth grid, magnetic core and solar wind. A anomalous interplanetary magnetic storm impacted Earth one hour before the Bracciano crop circle was made. Very high solar wind speeds brushed Earth's magnetic fields while x-ray and ultraviolet levels in solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME) remained low during May and June.