Liddington Castle Crop Circle

Wild temperature changes and inexplicable preciptation in the Liddington Castle crop circle presaged a radical change in precipitation and temperature changes. Remarkable anomalies were reported when visiting the Liddington Castle crop circle made in barley on June 2, 2010.

"...A most extraordinary thing happened which we/I cannot explain. Igor Byttebier and Antoinette Dyson were present and conducted the test for me. This meter [that he used] also measures air temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius - Antoinette walked round the formation with hope for the meter alarm to go off, but nothing, as soon as she stood in the center of the formation the temperature reading shot up to 46 degrees Celsius !!! Then few minutes later [the temperature] rapidly dropped to minus 24 degrees Celsius. Few minutes later the battery in the meter started to fade so I went to get a replacement but also found that this battery was completely discharged. The evening was warm and sunny so we have no explanation to what might have occurred. Approximately half an hour later I returned to my kit bag and started to pack away my camera and to my surprise I could see my breath as one can on a cold winters day!! Also moisture droplets were becoming visible on plant stems within the formation - when we first entered this formation our shoes were perfectly dry but on exit my shoes and bottom of my trousers were wet. Normal temperature at the time was approx 20 degrees Celsius so some kind of fast temperature changes occurred within this formation. ???!!!"

In the following year, Hurricane Irene pushed 2011 over the line for a record-setting year of storms that each exceeded $1 billion in damages. The majority of storm damage was in the eastern USA, which TimeStar had forecast would be the focus of activity between December 2010 and October 2011. The forecast for high levels of precipitation and cold temperatures considered crop circle indicators in addition to TimeStar glyphs. The precipitation inside the crop circle at Liddington Castle on June 2, 2010 was consistent with the TimeStar glyph for the year, which was Moon. After record floods in Australia and snowstorms in California in 2010, storms pounded the eastern half of the USA in 2011.

Magnetic shifts of 10° to 20° on compasses were noted in several areas. Some airports realigned their runway to adjust to the rapid pace of magnetic north. By the time sprees of thousands of earthquakes began shaking the Canary Islands in July 2011, four Icelandic volcanoes had erupted. Volcanic eruptions in the Atlantic and Africa accompanied new islands emerging in the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea.

A 9.0 magnitude megaquake damaged three nuclear reactors in Japan on March 11, 2011, the last day of a cycle that had been forecast in June 2010. The cycle that was forecast on June 25-26 ended March 12, 2011. Three crop circles in Indonesia in January 2011 pointed to large volcanic eruptions in the spring and summer of 2011 and underscored the central role Indonesia has played in Earth’s geophysical history. 

Rapid changes in magnetic north were noted in two crop circles made in the USA in 1993. (See Washington, New York and Mexico Crop Circle Triangle.) Magnetic north began moving at a rapid pace within one year after crop circles at Kennewick, Washington and Herkimer, New York pointed to the position of magnetic north as well as Siberia, which will be the new location of magnetic north.

TimeStar Forecast posted in June 2010: The lunar eclipse on June 25-26 will profoundly set the pace for events in the coming fall and winter (2010 and 2011). The eclipse is focused in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and Indonesia, the motherland of ancient Lemuria, where I have forecast islands are rising. Signs of islands emerging in these areas have been evident since 1998, when I first forecast islands to emerge in these areas. Underwater volcanic eruptions precede the appearance of new islands, and we have seen several underwater eruptions this year. An underwater eruption near the Mariana Islands is ongoing at this time [June 2010]. 

TimeStar forecasts are made with the proto-Mayan 260-day calendar, the Tzolkin, using the July 26, 1992 Time Shift Jose Arguelles identified. Crop circles associated with UFO displays with anomalous energy expressions are used as markers for the Earth’s energy state.

Magnetic Anomalies: Animal, Bird and Fish Die-Offs

Strange die-offs of animals, birds and fish began December 31, 2010, eleven days after the Vulture cycle began on December 20, 2010. The series of deaths began when a flock of bird in Arkansas became disoriented and flew randomly into objects on the ground and died of blunt force trauma. No pathology or toxicology was ever identified that could explain their disorientation. Magnetites permeate the brains and bodies of animals, birds and fishs who all use magnetic lines and fields to navigage. The main runway of the Tampa, Florida airport was provided with new magnetic bearings during this period of magnetic anomalies. The forecast for this period projected magnetic anomalies during this 260-day cycle. It was characterized by the Vulture glyph centered on eastern the North Atlantic and North America (Canada and the USA), and was posted December 24, 2010.


Magnetic shift

Airport runways changed

Hurricane Irene pushed 2011 into record year for billion $ storms

Bird and fish deaths start in Arkansas

Confused birds crash into Utah parking lot

New sign in zodiac due to change in Earth's orientation

Sun rises two days early in Greenland

New island rising in Canary Islands

New island in Red Sea off Africa's coast

Details of die-offs.