After an initial spree of activity, areas where crop circles are made will tend to be active over a period of years and interactive with sites in the same set of formations.  This, of course, applies to sets of crop circles that specifically point to the Earth grid.  It obviously does not apply to crop formations that are humanly made, because human crop “artists” rarely consider a planetary view of base earthian energy.  However, it does apply to the geographical center at Silbury Hill, England, and I found a key to the Stonehenge’s geography in the Earth glyph from the Chichen Itza pyramid center in the Yucatan.

Mediterranean Volcanoes

African Volcanoes

African and Indo-Australian Quakes

A list of earthquakes the U. S. Geographical Survey (USGS) reported for June 26 and 27 is shown below with the crop circles or TimeStar forecast that specified the area.  TimeStar’s June 4 forecast specified that between June 9 and July 12 the following areas would be a focal point of activity:  "Alaska, Japan, Siberia, and Oregon and Washington where the Yellowstone preserve extends.  This glyph directly flows from the north to a center in the Salt Lake Desert at 112°50’ West.”