Krsanna Duran

Author, editor and publisher, Krsanna Duran is the author of Web of Life and Cosmos: Human and Bigfoot Star Ancestors (Missoula, MT:  Atlantis Phoenix, 2015), 203 pages.  A premier paranormal/UFO investigator and Native American advocate, Duran provides us with the requisite tools to make the connections with a vast array of seemingly disparate phenomenon.  Going beyond mere chronologies of mysterious “lights in the sky” reports, so typical of many contemporary ufologists, Duran carefully selected those UFO cases directly tied to the fulfillment of prophecies made long ago by the seers among various ethnic groups, particularly Native Americans.  Other phenomena considered and linked include the sundry ages of humankind on the Earth, the influence of numerous extraterrestrial civilizations in our cosmic development and continuing evolution, the application of time travel technologies and the interconnectivity of all life throughout the Omniverse.  Infused with a healthy dose of Theosophy, Web of Life is an essential book for arriving at accurate knowledge about the UFO phenomenon and its importance for our times.  Dr. Leo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming at Laramie and Dr. Raymond Keller, a fellow Theosophist and professor of ancient mythology, highly recommend Web of Life and all of Duran’s other books as well.  Krsanna Duran is retired from the University of Montana’s administrative staff.  Born and raised in Oklahoma, she now resides in Montana.

Krsanna Duran explains the TimeStar predictions rooted in North America's oldest pyramid complex at Teotihuacan, home Mexico's mother culture:

TimeStar's first predictions on April 3, 1996 anticipated signs of new islands would be evident by 2008 and that Hawaii would be the focus of activity between July 16 and 29, 1996. On July 17 the Loihi Seamount collapsed with thousands of volcanic earthquakes. Signs of a rapidly changing earthscape were evident with the megaquake off Sumatra's coast on December 26, 2004, and the stupendous Asian Tsunami that followed.

A rare break-up of a tectonic plate in 2012 followed the 2004 megaquake in the region TimeStar predicted in 1998 was the axis of earth changes to come. This prediction was derived from the Earth glyph in the Mayan codex from Chichen Itza, commonly known as the Dresden Codex. The glyph presaged the tilt of the Earth surface comparable to those posited in "Mechanisms for oscillatory true polar wander," (Nature journal, November 8, 2012), shown below.

Correspondences with my first predictions -- my maiden voyage into uncharted waters -- were so startling that I continued to formulate predictions with the information available at any given time to discover what worked and what did not in empirical terms. Deb Welch, who has been on the TimeStar listserve since 1998, graciously commented on my work.

" . . . Krsanna, your work is extremely important.  You have shared freely, been on task and target, from day 1 of my experience with the Timestar List.  I place your work & observations on the level of Ingo Swann (who I greatly appreciate) - although what you do is different."