Vessel Glyph

Eclipse: April 25, 2013 to March 22, 2014

South Pacific, Antarctic and Nasca Plates, Chile, Easter Island, Falkland Islands, and Sandwich Islands

See The Human Story

South of Chile in the Pacific, Vessel was part of Mu's civilization in the South Pacific. This is the vessel that transcends death with coherence in the subtle energy bodies. The four 13-day windows that begin with this glyph culminate with Human near the Arctic in the North Pacific. The entire Antarctic plate with high melt in some areas and others icing is active in this window. Patagonia in Chile and Argentina are affected as well as the Kerguelen islands and microcontinent south of Africa. New Zealand and Australia are within the area between the Kurguelen Islands and Patagonia. The Siple volcano that recently showed signs of activity for the first time in recorded history is southwest of this glyph. The Mexico, Argentina and Indonesia triangle is affected by the Vessel glyph, which includes Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and the Nasca plate. All of these areas have been increasingly active since the December 26, 2004 megaquake at Sumatra and the fracture on the Indo-Australian plate on April 11, 2012.

Fracturing on the Indo-Australian plate that stretches from New Zealand to Turkey and expansion on the African plate intervene regular TimeStar focus areas, but respond to energy flux when TimeStar windows open and close. Volcanoes and major faultlines have been active globally since the Indo-Austral plate fractured on April 11, 2012. This will continue while the plates and axis adjust to shifting stress points. But, in this window and for much of 2013 the areas named for this glyph will be especially active. Although they come in like lambs when heating up, volcanic eruptions can go out like lions with large earthquakes with submergence and emergence of islands.

TimeStar predicts islands rising and/or sinking in the South Pacific, and significants signs of these will probably be evident in the Pacific and Caribbean during 2013.