Night Glyph

October 8, 2014 through July 2015

The Gulf of Mexico, Mexico and Central America, Impact Crater of Chicxulub Meteor, Bermuda Triangle, Eastern USA, New Madrid Fault, North Atlantic and Canary Islands

Antipode: Knife Glyph

See North America's Oldest Pyramids and Crop Circles in Mexico

See New York and Washington Crop Circles Triangulate with Mexican Pyramids

The area for Night was greatly affected by an asteroid impact on America's Atlantic Seaboard 12,800 years ago. Earth is presently in a resonant harmonic cycle with the 12,000-year period when the asteroid impacted the Atlantic Seaboard of what is now North America. The sequence of catastrophic events after the exploding asteroid included submergence of Poseidonis, the last island of the Atlantean empire, in 9,564 BCE. Volcanoes in the Caribbean and Atlantic heat up with quakes and magnetic anomalies as far west as Arkansas during Night windows. The Azores and Canary Islands are remnants lands where survivors of Atlantis sought refuge after Poseidonis sank. Both the Azores and Canary Islands have shown signs of heating since 2011.  Magnetic and electrical storms with equipment failures as well as anomalies in time and space frequently occur in 13-day windows for Night.

The crater of the asteroid impact in the Gulf of Mexico, which extinguished the dinosaurs, is on the same longitude with the New Madrid fault line in the Night area. Shockwaves travel through the center of the earth to the opposite point on the planet, or the antipode. Knife in the Indian Ocean near the region where the Indo-Australian tectonic plate fractured in 2012 is Night's antipode. Night in the West and Knife in the East form and axis of earth changes.