Seed Glyph

Area: Siberia and Arctic, Ural Mountains, Baltic Sea, Middle East, and Africa through trenches and rifting through Syria on Turkey's border

The potentials for life symbolized in the cosmic egg are penetrated and shaped with Earth's unique planetary forces in the spiral that culminates with Seed. It starts with Serpent at the Antarctic, the spark of Knife in the Indian Ocean and the first primates with Monkey in the Arabian Sea before spiraling to the Ural Mountains with potentials for germination in Seed. The Tree of Life that grows through the web of life connecting galaxies manifests with the root, or base chakra in the South Indian Ocean, reaches first fruit in this northern domain. Life force that gives the potentials for physical life characterize the spiral that culminates with Seed in the north. It initiates new survival as maturing mind and form realized in future cycles.

A child species of the cosmos, Siberia, with strong magnetic residuals, is among the earliest ancestral homes of Earth's humanity. The largest megalithic blocks yet discovered on Mt Shoriya, with powerful magnetic anomalies, at the eastern boundary of this domain. This magnetic influence stretches to the crossroads of the ancient mother tongue with Gobekli Tepe in Turkey on the western boundary of Seed.


The western face of Seed is in the area of late Atlantis that included the Great Pyramid. The northern face is in the Arctic. The eastern face of Seed is in the area of early Mu that included India and Indonesia. The northern face is in the Arctic.