The Human Story


The Arcturians introduced Homo sapiens with the explicit purpose of accommodating the human soul a little less than 300,000 years ago.  A physical existence capable of supporting the intelligence of the mind and soul required considerable preparation and development for the specific conditions of this planet. UFO contact messages often mention the human body as a vessel or container for the mind and soul.  This sequence is portrayed in four glyphs positioned in the Pacific Ocean.

Glyphs are like icons that tell a story at a glance.  The Microsoft icon signals an identity and product by its presence.  Glyphs do the same thing.  Four glyphs are active in each fifty-two-day period in TimeStar predictions and literally trace a spiral in the TimeStar geometry.

The Arcturians started preparing the physical evolution for modern humans to support the human mind and soul about one and one-half million years ago, before introducing modern humans.  The broad strokes of this human story are embedded in the four glyphs connected with the April 15 lunar eclipse.

  1.  Vessel is the essential energetic structure necessary for material form to take shape, which we modernly call the astral.  Astral energy is necessary shape the mud and clay Christians are fond of attributing to their God.  The energetic essence is clearly outlined in Genesis 2, along with an inventory of the many thriving life forms for the planet.  Genesis 1 represents the energetic sculpting of things to come in greater physical density.  Yes, the heavens and earth were formed in the sequence that Genesis 1 describes, but they were vessels of subtle energies to be filled with denser form as the world acquired greater material shape. 


The first man and woman in Genesis 1 represented separation into genders of the amorphous energetic potentials of universal blueprints, not yet developed into fully human evolution.  One could barely call any form scribed in Genesis 1 fully formed, much less human.  These were the days after the Earth had been hit by a cosmic object that virtually destroyed the atmosphere.  The impact formed the Ring of Fire in the Pacific.  Ultraviolet rays were so intense in the absence of an atmosphere that the only life that survived was sheltered in water.  This is a well-documented fact of science, be that as it may.  The thought of creation was present with the energy potential.  This is the energetic vessel that is the foundation of material life as we know it today.

  1. Anthropoids with human-like form appeared in Africa about twenty-two million years ago.  They were present even earlier on lands that are now sunken near Africa, which are inaccessible.  But we know anthropoids were in Africa millions of years ago.  Over millions of years, mammalian anthropoid DNA acquired the memory of this planet for the base material form that was passed onto the future generations, including the first hominids, or human ancestors.  How the DNA memory was passed to future generations is high controversial religious and scientific circles.  We say much of the work to ensure memory was passed to the right descendants, who needed it the most to evolve into modern humans, was nurtured by Arcturian planetary scientists who had been carefully preparing and seeding Earth for new life after the cosmic collision that had created the Ring of Fire.  Hominids with virtually human physiques that appeared were early human ancestors, but were not yet endowed with True Human DNA. 

As knowledge and memory of the Earth developed in the newly emerged hominids and planetary conditions changed, Bigfoot with a measure of human DNA was ready for a trial run in his new home on Earth.  The Arcturians had carefully developed Bigfoot to monitor conditions on the Earth with human autonomous responses and intelligence a little less than 300,000 years ago.  Soon after Bigfoot’s introduction, human souls began incarnating in apes with changes in the subtle vibrations and frequencies of the evolving planet.  All the work of preparing and seed the Earth to sustain higher life forms after the cosmic collision was paying off.  Intelligence of the human soul was returning to the planet, and Bigfoot was the forerunner.  The planet was changing rapidly in geological terms. 

Death represents the end of the era when hominids were the highest life form native to the Earth.  This glyph is positioned on an ancient center of Mu in the Pacific.  After the earliest incarnation of Mu sank in the Indian Ocean, the main center eventually moved to the Pacific.   Islands anciently dotted the South Pacific when Easter Island was above water and explorers from various planetary systems wet their oars investigating the Earth as it was gaining the capacity to support higher life forms. 

  1. Storm / Quake is the area that includes Hawaii, which was the primary center for Lemuria in the Pacific.  Lemuria and Mu were sister “cities,” with Lemuria in the North Pacific and Mu in the South.  Mu was the older mother culture and Lemuria was the younger sister, or “the aunt.”  A consortium of very ancient planetary scientists had worked in cycles to restore the Earth to a life-bearing planet.  Earth had sustained numerous cataclysms when a cosmic impact sheared the planet to form the Ring of Fire and then a meteor impacted the Yucatan to again destabilize the planet.  The largest volcano in the world 1,000 miles east of Japan and northwest of Hawaii is a legacy of the Ring of Fire’s creation in the cosmic collision.  In May 2013, the deepest earthquake ever recorded shook the Sea of Okhtosk north of Japan.  The oldest continuously active volcanoes in the last 12,000 years are north of Japan in the Kamchatka Peninsula, which borders on the Bering Sea, and, in turn, gives way to the Aleutian Arc of volcanoes south of Alaska. 

The spiral of glyphs from south to north connects in space the South Pacific civilization of ancient Mu with the later cities of Lemuria in the North Pacific and the energetic cycles of sinking and rising lands.  Evolutions of life species are enabled by planetary conditions represented in TimeStar’s glyphic icons.

  1. Human, positioned near a buried pyramid in the Unalakeet area, represents the emergence of modern humans and the North Pacific country of Lemuria where the Arcturians brought them.  It is commonly recognized as the home of the Bering Strait where Native Americans traveled from Asia and Siberia to the American continent in cyclic periods of glacial ages.  The buried pyramid near Unalakeet, Alaska attests to a far greater civilization in the North Pacific than has been imagined in the modern world.  This was the home of Lemuria, which sprawled on island chains from Hawaii to the north in Alaska over hundreds of thousands of years. 


The Arcturians pick up the story from this point in “My Brother Is A Hairy Man: An Extraterrestrial View on Bigfoot and Human Genesis.”  The giants who were on the Earth in Genesis 6, early in the planet’s creation story the Jews borrowed from Babylon, were planetary scientists, according to the Arcturian Maez.  The “daughters of men” were the earth-born children of early humans, who were not yet modern humans.  Modern humans were born from the genetic “matings” of true human explorers and early human species. 

“Long before 200,000 B.C. (your time) we sent our first true human representatives to Earth on the now-sunken continent you call Lemuria. 

“All our first true human explorers were androgynes.  They observed the matings of Earth's various creatures and decided to increase their own numbers by propagation.  There were so few left on the home planet they did not want to risk all those lives in the unprecedented adventure. 

“As androgynes they had no experience in mating or birthing, although they had the necessary requisites.  They now divided themselves, not by splitting physically, but by each choosing to differentiate himself by sex, male or female.  Since most chose the male role, not many births resulted.  So they also chose to mate with the “fairest” of the proto-humans they found on Earth.

“At first they tried to keep their own race pure, but gradually it inter-mixed with the secondary strain that resulted from mating with the Earth stock. 

“The more nearly pure strain eventually resulted in Cro-Magnon.  The proto-human mixture led to Neanderthal. 

“In the meantime Bigfoot continued his task of investigating the four corners of the Earth and reporting. 

“So now we had three strains of nearly fully Earth humans:  Bigfoot, a borderline human; neanderthalensis [Neanderthal], a Homo sapiens; and Cro-Magnon type Homo sapiens sapiens.  These three were all together on the continent you call Lemuria. 

“Most of the cross-bred humans were brought back to Lemuria, as their original purpose had been to help us colonize our new country.  These new “citizens” were mostly from the Levantine corridor rope [Between Africa, Near East and Europe] were several strains in the neighborhood of Homo erectus

“We selected their young carefully for further inter-mixing and in a few generations had handsome and intelligent members of our expanding communities.  Our rejects were taken back to the Levantine corridor and allowed to interbreed there. 

“Where else would the rapid advance in brain size and body stature come from than an outside source?  In less than a hundred thousand years an advance in human evolution occurred that had never been equaled in millions of years.  Why else the sudden spurt?”