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NASA announced in 2016 the axis of the planet is shifting towards the British Isles, which TimeStar predicted in 2014 and was shown in the 1993 Kennewick crop circle.

Planet's Axis Shifting with Magnetic Core Change

The Earth’s surface periodically shifts to several positions, as if it remembers previous positions.  Megaquakes and new islands that have risen since 2004 as well as changing water tables in areas tending to subside result in larger numbers of sink holes, collapsing hills, and landfalls with the planet’s surface shifting and torque in the crust and tectonic plates.  Washington D.C. is definitely sinking and farmers already have problems with water levels. The sequence goes like this:  Magnetic core changes shown in the Kennewick crop circle result in shift on axis that generates torque, unexplained sounds, sinkholes, and rising/sinking lands seeking new isostatic balance.  In this period the surface is shifting to the east, after a previous movement towards the west shown in Adam’s Calendar south of the Great Pyramid. 

Prediction:  These conditions will escalate as the surface of the Earth shifts back to its previous position held when megaliths south of the Great Pyramid last aligned with the north star, most likely between 13,000 and 10,000 years ago at the time of the Gothenburg magnetic excursion.  In that magnetic excursion, north and south magnetic poles reversed for fifty years and then flipped back to their present positions.  Magnetic north was located near Gothenburg, Sweden at that time, but shifted to the Hudson Bay area after the magnetic pole flip reversed to their former polarities.  I suggest that the Gothenburg excursion 12,400 years ago was the first sign of an extreme condition in the magnetic core resulting from the meteor impact in the Yucatan 65 million years ago, which caused the east-west equatorial axis to align exactly between the impact crater in the Yucatan (89 West longitude) and its antipode (91 East longitude).  See Shift of Axis Speeding Up.


Beams of Light and Iridescent Clouds

Unexplained beams of light seeming to come down from the high atmosphere or up from the earth proliferated in August 2015, the period when TimeStar predicted light phenomena would escalate: “Cosmic and gamma ray bursts, fireballs, ball lightning, intense lightning, glowing effects, meteors and asteroids, already increasing, will escalate after July 2015.  The magnetic field acts as a shield for the planet, and more of all these effects are in the atmosphere when the shielding magnetic field is low.  This is directly connected to [low] solar activity."  (TimeStar Forecast for 2015 posted October 2014)

If gigantic beams of light projecting from the atmosphere were not enough high strangeness, ABC News published an enormous iridescent cloud over Costa Rica filmed in August.


Strange Appearances and Disappearances

Thousands of birds vanished overnight from Florida in May and fish disappeared from the Pacific Ocean in the summer of 2015.  These animals did not die en masse and leave carcasses. They disappeared. Some of the birds were later found on neighboring islands.

Forecast for 2015: “Inexplicable appearances-disappearance . . . are becoming more common-place as planetary and solar magnetic fields weaken.  The little people, gnomes, and creatures of field and stream ancient Greeks memorialized are transported into the familiar world with the blink of an eye.  Along with creatures and objects, we may see spirals of light with their comings and goings, often when we least expect it.  Personally significant objects securely tucked away disappear and then inexplicably appear in distant places.  These are symptoms of the magnetic veil lightening and timelines becoming more accessible since 2012.”

Listen carefully to Simon Parkes talk about invisibility created by reducing magnetic fields (degaussing) in the Philadelphia Experiment and the Nazi time travel experiments. Philadelphia Experiment & Bell Anti-Gravity Craft:

Cosmic lightning, explosive thundering - July 26, 2015 to July 25, 2016

Thunder, lightning, and magnetic weakening continues this year with more mysterious appearances and disappearances.  A Jaguar year started July 26, 2015 and is resonant with characteristic of 2009-10.  Expect explosive bursts and lights that hover, dash and dart, as well as asteroids, meteors, and fireballs.  After Timestar forecast on August 6, 2009 that cosmic rays and radiations would increase, cosmic rays reached the highest level in 50 years in September 2009. 

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Washington D.C. Sinks, Time Travelers Reported in 2014

Confirmed in 2015 Study by USGS

Washington D.C. Is Sinking

When time travelers found records needed to write their history were missing, they traveled to our present time looking for information. Washington D.C. no longer existed in their future, I wrote on February 17, 2014.  The time travelers mused that after massive destruction to hide the truth, all they had to do was travel to a time when the records existed to find them.  Not only did the time travelers find the records, but they discovered what had really happened in the desperate race for the truth in Washington D.C.

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Magnetic Field Weakening, Cosmic Rays Increasing and Electrical / Mechanical Failures

In a landmark study of the Earth's magnetic field, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced that magnetic north is rapidly moving to Siberia and will make landfall by 2019. With its study released on June 20, 2014, the ESA included mapping of satellite failures in periods of low magnetics. The human heart and brain function with electric-magnetic principles, and changes in Earth's magnetic field and core affect vital functions of everyday life. Changes in planetary magnetics that the ESA found, including magnetic north's destination in Siberia, had been long predicted with a crop circle at Kennewick, Washington formed in 1993. Rapid movement of magnetic north accompanies a steady stream of equipment and computer failures, collapsing coastlines, hills and sinkholes, shifting of Earth's surface and tectonics. These events have accelerated with changes in the Sun’s weakening magnetic field and the lowest solar maximum in nearly 200 years in 2014. 

FORECAST FOR 2014: “Electric and magnetic storms with unexplained appearances of lights and objects as well as sounds and explosions in the atmosphere and in the planet will manifest after the October 8 [2014] eclipse.  Equipment, computer and navigation failures will increase in October and continue into 2015.  Cosmic radiations grew to new levels when the Sun and Earth’s magnetic fields declined.  Anomalous releases from the Earth’s magnetic core and “drifts” in magnetic lines are probable in late 2014 and 2015.” 

The bizarre disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 on March 8, 2014, five months after the prediction was posted, came with low solar activity, high cosmic rays and weak magnetic fields, as TimeStar had forecast would accompany electric-magnetic flux. A “mysterious power outage,” i.e., a failure of the electrical system, in MH370 was found in the early stages of flight.  From the first day Flight 370 vanished, TimeStar posited a power failure would have put the jet in runaway mode.  Power surges, for any reason, can shut down a computer or even destroy a power board. The European Space Agency mapped single event satellite upsets during low magnetics.

AirAsia Flight 8501 disappeared December 28 on the same longitude where Malaysia’s Flight 370 lost all radio contact on 109° East March 8 in 2014. Inexplicable appearances-disappearances are forecast with the TimeStar to continue in 2015, with new impetus beginning in April 2015. 

See European Space Agency mapping of satellite upsets during low magnetics 

See AirAsia 8501 and Malaysian Airlines MH370 Disappear on Longitude 109 East

See Glitchy Malfunctions in 2014

See New Magnetic North Pinpointed in 1993

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Sun's Magnetic Field Weakens Relative to Great Center

The Sun's magnetic fields significantly declined after the solar maximum of 2000-01, and several puzzling solar eruptions followed in 2006 and 2010. Solar flares and eruptions that energize the solar wind and Earth's atmosphere are themes activity discussed on numerous forums as early as 1996. But, this does answer questions about the Sun's magnetic field.

The sun’s response to external stimuli in the galactic sphere is as key to the solar system’s relationship in the galaxy as the earth’s relationship is in the sun’s magnetic field, the heliosphere. This permits higher levels of galactic radiations to enter the solar system and affect all planets. The relationship of Earth’s rising temperatures over thousands of years, and particularly the last 300, relative to changes in the South Atlantic Anomaly and high radiations in the Van Allen Belt are neither compiled nor considered in public venues.  This would provide an index for galactic radiations that may affect the surface of the sun and entire solar system.  Data on these correlations would be valuable for measuring and correlating external input on the sun and the solar system by way of the earth’s index. 

Higher levels of galactic radiations have a direct correlation with the sun’s weakening magnetic field.  The Hindu Vedas explain that the Sun has a dual (twin) star, and orbits a grand center with the dual over 24,000 years. The connection between our Sun and a twin must certainly be electric-magnetic.  The magnetic field of the sun weakens and strengthens in cycles relative to the dual, and greater and lesser strength of the sun’s magnetic field influences the level of external input it receives.  Sri Yukteswar identified variable levels of universal magnetism associated with yuga cycles in his 1894 book, The Holy Science

Old-fashioned data analysis that Paul LaViolette offered in a superbly humble style inspired my observations of the Sun's weakening magnetic field in 12,000- to 13,000-year cycles.  Electrical input on the sun’s surface is closely tied to its magnetic field, which is greatly affected by a twin (dual) star.  Sirius is a great candidate for a dual and Arcturus is an excellent possibility for the center of an orbit.  The Babylonian star catalogue called Arcturus “the yoke,” and “yuga” literally means “yoke.”

I correlated the Sixth Sun of Cosmic Consciousness memorialized in Mexico's ancient pyramids at Teotihuacan with the Hindu yugas and Greek Great Year in my book, Web of Life and Cosmos: Human and Bigfoot Star Ancestors, published in 2013. An astronomical alignment on August 11 of each year at Teotihuacan memorializes the beginning date of the Mayan Long Count. It is the earliest indication of the Long Count's anniversary date and the only astronomical alignment at Teotihuacan, which predates the Mayan culture by hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Teotihuacan was constructed circa 200 BCE to commemorate the Fifth Sun over older pyramids that have never been excavated, thus Teotihuacan's true antiquity is not yet determined. Cosmic consciousness will characterize the coming Sixth Sun, the next sun. In contrast to Teotihuacan, the Maya and other tribes commemorated only four suns, with the Fifth Sun soon to dawn. The extreme antiquity of Teotihuacan may explain why that pyramid center celebrates the coming Sixth Sun instead of only five suns.

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Inexplicable booms, explosions and light effects in the absence of earthquakes began accelerating exponentially with this 2012 window on August 11. A former science teacher and amateur astronomer filmed a crystalline object hover over Kentucky for two hours on October 16. Unexplained explosions continued to increase worldwide through 2015.

TimeStar Prediction: Starting with this [August 11, 2012] window, magnetic and electrical anomalies will continue through 2012 and into 2013.  Auroras and anomalous glowing will be more frequent, along with evidences of electrical force that generates electricity and lightning that will continue to increase. TimeStar forecast higher levels of electrical force would begin in 2011, resulting in satellite, computer, radar and other equipment failures.  After detecting an anomalous release of energy from the core of the Earth in late 2011, the Russian Grunt satellite failed to launch.  A malfunction of American radar was initially suspected to have interfered with Grunt’s failures, but TimeStar had published a forecast for events of this nature one month before Grunt encountered trouble and was aborted.  Thunderbird, who comes with thunder and lightning in Native American traditions, characterizes this period. 

The Human Storm

"The test is upon you yet silent in its shadows but will be rapt in sudden announcement of its presence.  Do not be alarmed.  We are with you as the trunk is to its roots but can protect the younger trees in a storm only by sustaining presence.  It cannot suspend the winds and lashing rains but can sustain by enduring presence.

"When the storm has run its course, the sun shines and the winds sing softly again, all are stronger through the enduring. 

"This is our first message to you.  We ask you to share it as a ray of hope.  This is what will really happen as 2012 draws to an end.  All who have gone before you and returned have weathered the storm you now encounter."

(June 26, 2012)

The largest Atlantic hurricane in recorded history, Super Storm Sandy (October 22-29) was all the Muse said it would be on June 26 2012, four months before it changed history. It reflected human resonance on the Earth in rapid change.

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Climate and Space Weather Coming Fast and Hard

Hurricane Irene pushed 2011 over the line for a record-setting year of storms that each exceeded $1 billion in damages. The majority of storm damage was in the eastern USA, which TimeStar had forecast would be the focus of activity between December 2010 and October 2011. The forecast for high levels of precipitation and cold temperatures considered crop circle indicators in addition to TimeStar glyphs. Inexplicable precipitation inside the crop circle at Liddington Castle on June 2, 2010 was consistent with the TimeStar glyph for the year, which was Moon. After record floods in Australia and snowstorms in California in 2010, storms pounded the eastern half of the USA in 2011.

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Volcanic Eruption Precedes Indo-Australian Fracture

The Sinabung volcano erupted off Sumatra's coast where a tectonic plate slipped on December 26 2004. After 410 years of quiet, the volcano erupted on August 29, 2010 when the Indian and Pacific Oceans were active on the Timestar. A megaquake off the coast of Honshu, Japan in the Pacific moved Japan's coast eight feet and generated a tsunami that damaged three nuclear reactors at Fukushima during the same cycle when Sinabung erupted. On April 11, 2012, the Indo-Australian tectonic plate fractured in extinct volcano cones five degrees west of Sinabung.

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Cosmic Storm Front Gathering

After TimeStar forecast on July 7, 2009 cosmic rays and radiations would increase, cosmic rays reached the highest levels during the Space Age in 2009. Cosmic radiations continue to escalate to new highs in 2013, while the Sun and Earth's magnetic fields decline. If the earth were pristine in its natural state the storm would pass over quickly with side effects that include some memory loss, which also affects DNA, but no long-term damage.  The earth is loaded with nuclear, biological and chemical agents that have altered the natural habitat greatly. These humanly constructed artifacts function as strange attractors, which are elements that introduce crisis into the life design as it emerges in the Tree of Life.

Solar maximum Cycle 24 solar maximum had started on January 4, 2008, but was a dismal no-show until 2009, when solar activity began significantly increasing in the last three months of the year. In June 2009 TimeStar correctly predicted that larger solar flares would begin in November and December. By February solar activity again declined into one of the weakest solar maximums in 200 years.

Cosmic ray levels continued to increase while the magnetic fields for Sun and Earth declined.

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Human Storm

The forecast for 2008 anticipated a four-year cycle beginning August 16, 2008 and ending December 21, 2012, characterized by inadequate social and spiritual systems.  Internal collapse of individuals and social structures results from the development of social and spiritual sciences necessary to keep pace with changing conditions of both natural cyclic events and technology. 

The unprecedented and highly debated bank bailout bill was enacted October 3, 2008, ten months after the TimeStar forecast high novelty while traditional institutions inwardly collapsed.  The last month of the four-year cycle (December 2012) was riddled with violence, including the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. Signs of collapsing civilization are most readily visible in its most vulnerable members, the children. By 2012 the crisis of displaced children was highlighted with two seminal events, that The Guardian reported:

"First, the contentious film Kony 2012 – now being described as the most viral video in history with more than 100m views in less than a week – highlighted Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony's atrocities and the claim that his Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) recruited 30,000 child soldiers.

"Then the long-awaited first verdict of the international criminal court (ICC) found Congolese militia leader Thomas Lubanga guilty of snatching children off the streets to wage war and act as his personal bodyguards. Lubanga was said to have built 'an army of children'".

The worldwide child crisis continues to escalate, and in 2014 children as young as five years of age traveling alone from Central America to the USA required special funding from Congress. See Young, Alone and Running

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Indonesian Megaquake Shifts Earth on Axis

The 9.1 magnitude megaquake near Sumatra on December 26, 2004 when a tectonic plate slipped signaled changes deep within the Earth, generating the Boxing Day Tsunami and shifting the Earth on its axis. In 1998, TimeStar identified Indonesia as the tectonic axis of Earth changes, using the Earth glyph from the calendar at Chichen Itza in southern Mexico. The Earth again shifted on its axis in 2010 with an 8.8 magnitude quake in Chile and 2011 with the 9.0 magnitude quake off the coast of Honshu, Japan.

A history-making fracture of the Indo-Australian plate in the region of the 2004 megaquake resulted in large quakes in every major fault on the planet in April 2012. Shockwaves from a meteor impact at Chicxulub, Mexico sixty-five million years ago traveled through the core of the Earth and caused planet-changing volcanic eruptions, which extinguished the dinosaurs. The Indo-Australian plate opposite the meteor impact -- its antipode -- is riddled with extinct volcano cones where the plate fractured.

The site of the meteor impact and resultant bulge on the opposite side of the planet is depicted in the Earth glyph, when it is laid over a map of the Earth. Indonesia has proven to be the axis of tectonic changes as the Earth glyph depicted and TimeStar predicted in 1998.

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Date for Invasion of Iraq Predicted

The 911 bombing was a habitual super pattern with similarities to destroying the Tower of Babel, but powered with modern technology. The nature of this habitual behavior enabled TimeStar to predict the date G.W. Bush's American machine would invade Iraq four months before the invasion. A prediction made November 15, 2002 for Bush's invasion of Iraq was accurate within ten days, using Timewave Zero to augment the TimeStar. Timewave Zero identifies periods of habit in contrast to novelty. The timewave for the September 11, 2001 911 bombing was a period of high habit and low novelty, and TimeStar followed the trend of habit to identify the date for its logical path with invasion of Iraq.

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Solar Phase Shift and System-Wide Heating

The solar maximum, when the Sun's magnetic fields reversed in 2013, came with the lowest number of sunspots in almost 200 years. A TimeStar predicted in October 2002 that the Sun was in a phase shift along with increased heating in the solar system.

From: TimeStar []
Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 2:33 AM
Subject: Solar system heating forerunner report

NASA reports now confirm several planets and moons in the solar system are getting hotter.  The following article is based on a report by Russian scientists in June 2002 that postulates that we are moving into an area of space that has a much higher energy level.  This would explain many observations and could influence the sun in a way to cause a solar phase shift. 

The TimeStar theorizes that the ancients knew about long-term solar cycles that would include periodic phase shifts; further, much of this knowledge was encoded in ancient pyramid systems by ancient astronauts.  The TimeStar interprets information anciently encoded as a coherent symbolic system. 

The reality of the solar system heating up, to influence the conditions of life on this and other planets, will have a far greater influence on the daily lives of every person on this planet than any other single factor.  Politics of the global community are rhetoric of a desperate straw man in comparison. 

This is happening very, very quickly and portrayed in the glyphs of the ancient calendar, which predicted this beginning of this end with the July 11, 1991 solar eclipse.  The next lunar eclipse is characterized as Solar Serpent, following the December 30, 2001 lunar eclipse characterized as Solar Sun. 

Bear in mind that the information reported in the following article last summer has now been confirmed by NASA. 

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Axis of Earth Changes

TimeStar pinpointed in 1998 the area of a world-changing fracture on the Indo-Australian tectonic plate. Earthquakes worldwide increased 200% after the tectonic plate fractured on April 11, 2012. See 2004.

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Islands and Coastlines

That signs of new islands rising would be evident by 2008 was one of TimeStar's first predictions in 1996. In more than a decade since posting that prediction several islands have risen, but, more significantly, a history-making fracture in the Indo-Australian tectonic plate has hastened the sinking of several islands that inevitably will result in new islands rising. A brief listing of rising and sinking land masses during the predicted timeline follows. All TimeStar predictions are published as TimeStar news released weeks, months or years in advance, before anticipated events.

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Changing Magnetic Core and Fields

After moving at a relative steady pace for more than a century, magnetic north's movement accelerated rapidly within one year after a crop circle at Kennewick, Washington pointed to magnetic north, polar north and Siberia in 1993. Escalating from nine to forty kilometers per year, magnetic north has steadily moved towards Siberia since 1994. TimeStar predicted magnetic north's new home in Siberia and mapped areas of field changes.

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