True Human Ancestors:

Orion, Arcturus and Lemuria

The Adamic Race

Exogenesis of Ancient Earth

Arcturus, the Guardian


Babylon to Rome: Marduk-Jupiter

Giants in the Earth

The Gods

Great Floods

Human Storm


Jupiter is Nibiru


Virgo, Mother of Gods

After fleeing from war in the Orion star system 225 million years ago, ancient ancestors of the Arcturians inhabited Earth in its modern incarnation in the third orbit from the Sun. In Orion their DNA mutated with the super nova that produced the Horsehead Nebula, and they view the mutation entangled with high frequencies of the super nova as the inheritance of true human DNA. Their high psychic and mental capacities are endowed to descendants with true human DNA. Arcturian scientist Maez explained in My Brother Is a Hairy Man that they started developing Bigfoot about one and one-half million years ago and founded Lemuria after the fully developed Bigfoot was introduced a little less than 300,000 years ago. After war with Atlantis many Lemurians were relocated to Arcturus about 22,000 years ago, while a small number remained on Earth as teachers and guardians based in Hyperborea with a coalition of extraterrestrial parent races.

Bigfoots born on Arcturus were telepathic at birth and lived many hundreds of years. When Arcturians introduced Bigfoot on Earth a little less than 300,000 years before present (BP), those born on this planet were not telepathic at birth but quickly learned. A contingent of Arcturian teachers and guardians for the new Bigfoot species and proto-human Neanderthals soon followed and settled in Lemuria in the Pacific. Arcturians maintained creation gardens where new species were introduced, and also served as sanctuaries and knowledge gardens. Early humans introduced in creation gardens and their descendants were 1) magnetically drawn to their birthplaces and 2) could find water, food and relief in environmental distress as they settled more deeply into new homes on Earth. Several human ancestors were introduced in the Arcturian creation-knowledge garden shown at 51°50'24" North latitude, mirroring the slope angle of the Great Pyramid on the below map.

Early humans, Bigfoot and Neanderthal were initially in the Arcturian creation garden in the North Atlantic, anciently connected to the steppes now at the bottom of the North Sea. Lemurian species moved to the Western Hemisphere more than 200,000 years ago, but early human ancestors roamed between the Americas, Mediterranean and Africa using now-sunken land bridges. Soviet core samples taken in the '60s confirmed fresh water islands were above water in the North Atlantic 12,000 years ago. (Atlantis: Atlantology Basic Problems) Cultural elements shared between North America and Scandinavian countries are still evident among the Sami of Norway and Native Americans.


An early human in Ipswich, England was discovered in a 400,000-year-old strata east of the Arcturian creation-knowledge  garden. Helena Blavatsky explained that new species were introduced in creation gardens, which became knowledge gardens later when education was needed.  Ida Kannenberg wrote about different strains of Homo sapiens sapiens of Lemuria in the Western Hemisphere and the Adamic race in the Middle East in the Eastern Hemisphere:

“Ida:  I am only suggesting that we be more careful on whom we call our “Gods”.  The Niburians may indeed be emissaries of God but that does not make them Gods with either a big or little “g”. 

“Tres:  I agree on that also.  You will not find God the first Creator among the Niburians, not even Anu.  But they did engineer the Adamic race through the manipulation of their own genes and those of an Earth pre-human consort. 

“The only revelation lacking now is that the Niburians were not the only makers of Homo sapiens on Earth as well as elsewhere!   But we will explore all that in your forthcoming book.  You will be writing mainly of the Masters of Arcturus who themselves were offspring of the Niburians and originated on Earth in earlier times!   Now there is a history for you to explore, and we will! 

“Ida:  Then that would explain why people who originated in the Middle East and those in the Western Hemisphere could be genetically compatible.  I wondered about that.” 

Aldebarans hybridized their genetics with human ancestors to produce the Aryans in Atlantis, founded circa 212,000 BP. Plato's account of Poseidon fathering five sets of all male twins with the mortal woman, Cleito, echoed genetic engineering in Atlantis. Five sets of all male twins astronomically exceed all probabilities for natural conceptions. Arcturians allow long evolutionary periods for genetic changes to flower on DNA branches, but the Aldebarans attempted to fast forward Aryan evolution too quickly. The Aryans were moved to Atlantis for housebreaking, but Aldebarans maintained a reserve of humans in the wild.

The Aldebarans did not want proto-human Arcturian DNA strains mixing with their hybrid lines in the wild, and Atlanteans sometimes hunted Arcturus' early humans in the wild like animals.  Lemurian efforts to prevent Atlanteans from hunting and killing early humans escalated into an ongoing war between Atlantis and Lemuria. About 22,000 BP, Lemurian teachers and guardians were relocated to Arcturus with advanced humans who had evolved on the Earth. A group of Atlanteans in alliance with the Arcturians developed time travel that enabled them to move directly to our modern era, where they reentered the time stream in the late eighteenth century. The Atlantis-Lemuria war ended for Arcturians and Lemurians about 22,000 BP, but continued on the Atlantean timeline until Poseidonis' island collapsed 11,600 BP. After their island sank, Aryans from Atlantis spread to neighboring islands and Europe. Famed Nazi Heinrich Himmler in his rise to power with Hitler spoke the truth when declaring he was a reincarnated king from Atlantis.

Scientists who made their home under the Arctic, the Hyperboreans, joined with Arcturians in the Western Hemisphere between 24,000 and 13,000 BP. (The Book of Enoch sketchily reports the revolt, but doesn't reveal the scientists' fate after battling with Mesopotamia's gods.) The Hyperboreans are an enclave of scientists from various extraterrestrial origins who elected to remain on the Earth with their human children, and mentored ancient pre-Olympian Greece, the megalith culture of Europe, and democracy in Athens.

Artemis of the Arcadian wilderness, goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon, and Archery. Roman copy of Greek sculpture by Leochares in the Louvre. The Romans knew Artemis as Diana. Photo in public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Atena farnese (Athena) is a Roman copy of a Greek original from Phidias' circle, Museo Archeologico, Naples. Photo in public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Athens' founders cohabited with pre-Greek Hyperboreans already on the peninsula when Greeks arrived. The site where Athens was built has been continuously inhabited for at least 5,000 years with signs of habitation as early as 7,000 years ago. The Athens city-state was named for Athena, its patron goddess who originated in an earlier settlement with pre-Greek language. Numerous ancient historians explained that Athens acquired its name in a contest between Athena (Hyperborean) and Poseidon (Atlantean), and the contest is the theme of a sculpture on the Parthenon. Athena and Poseidon both requested to be patrons of the city and give their name to it, and they competed for the privilege. Poseidon struck his trident to the Earth, and salty sea water rushed up from the ground. Athena knelt and planted an olive tree for food and oil to light lamps. Athens' first king, Cecrops, chose Athena, a Hyperborean, for the city's patron goddess. (A Voyage with the Gods)

Plato wrote in Critias that the Atlantean army marched through Africa enslaving local people before crossing the Mediterranean into Italy. The Canary Islands are the most likely origin of survivors of the Atlantean army who marched through Africa. The Athenians met and defeated the Atlanteans in Italy, where survivors of the war settled after their defeat. If Plato drew his cultural identity of Athenians with inhabitants of the site whose descendants later founded Athens, the battle with Atlanteans could have been as long ago as 5,000 to 7,000 years ago.

In the war for Troy circa 3,229 BP (1229 BCE), Athena fought on the side of the Achaeans, Homer's name for the Greeks. The war for Troy was a defining point in the relations of humans and gods.  When Aphrodite (Olympian-Babylonian goddess) argued with Athena (Hyperborean) and Hera (Zeus’s Titan wife) about which was the most beautiful goddess, they asked Paris from Troy to judge the beauty contest. Each goddess offered Paris a special favor for judging her the most beautiful.  Aphrodite promised to give Paris the most beautiful woman in the world, and he took her offer.  Aphrodite instructed Paris to take Helen, the Greek wife of King Menelaus, to his home in Troy.  The Greeks were offended that Paris betrayed them and stole Menelaus’ wife with the ruse of pretending to be a guest in his home.

The Greeks sailed to Troy and fought for ten years before defeating Troy and taking Helen home. After Troy was destroyed, the Olympian "oracles" sent Aphrodite's human son Aeneas on a trek through the Mediterranean basin seeking a site to rebuild Troy. Aeneas' descendants Remus and Romulus founded Rome hundreds of years later at the site of the village Aeneas identified for the new Troy. Descendants of Babylon's Troy and Atlantis converged in Italy, where the Atlantean army had settled after Athenians defeated them, with Rome's rise starting about 2,700 BP.

Hyperboreans allied with Arcturus protected the ancient sanctuary in the West of England that includes Stonehenge.  The Arcturians called on Aldebarans, who had gone to the Antarctic after Poseidon's Atlantean island sank, to honor an ancient agreement that divided Eastern and Western hemispheres at the meridian that defines megalithic Britain in the west. Located at the Antarctic, Aldebarans maintained contact with Aryan descendants in Europe and were neither willing nor prepared for conflict with Hyperboreans backed by Arcturus. Most of Mesopotamia's gods had departed the Earth circa 2023 BCE after wars to control the Great Pyramid left much of the Sahara and Near East badly polluted with radiation and wasting into deserts. Babylon's national god, Marduk, had proclaimed the Earth his kingdom and remained after most Mesopotamian gods had left, but he was on his last leg. Marduk died with a strange skin ailment and Persia (modern Iran) conquered Babylon in 538 BCE. (The End of Days: Armageddon and Prophecies of the Return, Sitchin)

When I asked my contacts why human ancestors needed sanctuary, they responded that, along with water and food, they needed a safe place when life got scary and things went "boomp" in the night.  Competing in a wild kingdom of claws, armor, strength and speed, human intelligence was their tool for  survival that evolves the mind of the species, the distinguishing realm of humanity.  The Arcturians stood by human descendants as they do today and on the same terms.  Humans who assimilated Babylon’s religion, economics and government carried it to the western sanctuary in the last 2,000.  These are matters of human affairs.  Arcturians' concern is descendant species making evolutionary leaps in the true intelligence of humanity that flowers in cycles of the timewave with planetary and cosmic energies.   

Megalith Meridian

Space and time meet in London on the prime meridian at zero longitude, where western and eastern hemispheres divide, in the modern world. Human civilization began barely 6,000 years ago, but extraterrestrial parents have been on Earth millions of years.  Environmental conditions that drive species’ evolutions also push frontiers of civilization. 

The physical reality of the Stone Age and the glacial period that ended circa 11,700 years ago brings forward a dramatic history of modern “civilization” emerging from ruins of Atlantean civilization, with a skirmish line between the Hyperborean-Arcturian megalithic and Babylon's Troy, Rome and London power centers.   The most readily accessible information is about London’s role in dividing the world into an Elite aristocratic class that controls resources and wealth and the vassal class of workers who were not permitted to own land a few short centuries ago.  Huge floods that changed the world at the end of the glacial period in North America and shaped the contours of the Atlantic Ocean between 13,000 and 10,000 years ago are well documented.  Ancient astronauts who  were on the Earth BEFORE the great floods are more difficult to document, because modern governments, with Winston Churchill of London setting the pace in 1942, have worked long and hard to hide the presence of extraterrestrials. 

Some facts I that confirm cultures and hemispheres were separated at the prime meridian that runs through London follows.  All data on the following list are confirmed with known history. 

WEST of prime meridian in London


EAST of prime meridian in London




Megalithic grid extending from Orkney islands into Europe & Greece


Babylonian government & economics

Astronomical observatories


Religious center founded with Rome’s Bible

Stonehenge’s inexplicable alignment with “2012 sun” in 20th century


Troy’s namesake (Brut) in Britain

Coastal proximity to islands in Atlantic


Mound at Westminster points to Troy

Ancient funereal center with interments from Mediterranean-Europe


Westminster Abbey covered megalithic observatory pointing to Egypt

Giants (Hyperboreans) portrayed with megalithic history


British crown claims Jacob’s pillow stone from Palestine

Celts' arrival in Ireland circa 500 BCE is irrelevant to megalithic history


Proximity to continental Europe with a strong Anunnaki legacy


Great Britain is named for the legendary Brute of Troy who was the first king of Britain according to the ninth century Historia Britonium, which states he was a Roman consul and descendant of the Trojan Aeneas. The account of Aeneas' descendant, Brute of Troy, founding Great Britain is not mentioned in classical texts, and it is not considered historical. However, signature mathematics at Troy and London is iterated with earthen mounds constructed in both cities that define their local latitudes with a triangle the mounds form at each site, according to Alan Watts, scientist and megalith researcher.

Precise alignment of geodetic markers expressing the site's latitude might have been a coincidental placement once at Troy, but repeating the alignment again at London to correctly express its latitude indicates intent with signature mathematics, which, presumably, were not known in the ancient world. Trigonometry was first used for modern mapping in the nineteenth century by the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and proved to be a difficult task. Many of the bearings the expedition recorded were so inexpertly made that they have never been deciphered.

Alan Watts described in correspondence geodetic markers configured at Troy and London to express their latitudes with the ratio of a triangle's side, or cosine.

"There are two mounds to the west of Troy. One is the Mound of Ilus (which lies on the longitude that is five degrees east of the prime meridian of ancient Egypt) and the other the Tomb of Achilles (near the mouth of the New Scamander River). The direct distance between these is two nautical miles while the two mounds lie on lines of longitude that are two minutes  apart. The result of this arrangement is that the bearing of Ilus from Achilles is (to due west) the same as the local latitude. (See Heinrich Schliemann’s “Troia”.)

"At Westminster in the corner of the Westminster School Playing Field they constructed a mound from “many cart-loads of earth," near Vincent Square. The direct distance between the Vincent Square mound and the [highest spot in and around Westminster anciently marked with a beacon] Tot-hill is 0.5 nautical miles . . . so that anyone who stood at Vincent Square and who sighted the crown of the Tot-hill was looking in a direction that was (to due East) the same 51 deg. 30’ [angle] as the local latitude. They have special relevance to the ancient link between Westminster and Troy (e.g. Troy weight).

Only by discovering the many interrelated factions of ancient astronauts creating their own brands of Homo sapiens sapiens in different places and times is the division between Western and Eastern Hemispheres through London's financial center explained.